• Thank you to you and your team for the KSLF last weekend. I have been catching up with what I missed. I enjoyed “Thinking with Ghalib” a lot. You know it is a subject close to my heart. I am looking forward to reading the book. It was a wonderful opportunity to “meet” the authors Amit Basole and Anjum Altaf and I loved Raza Mir’s exploration of the book and also learning from his knowledge of Ghalib’s poetry which he articulates so clearly and beautifully. Please pass on my personal appreciation to them. And it was lovely to hear Raza Mir say ” hain aur bhi duniya mein sukhanvar bahut achchen,,,, kehte hain ki Khushwant ka hain andaaz -e- bayaan aur”
    With Every Good Wish
    ~ Monika Shah London


  • I watched the Doniger and the Ghalib conversations yesterday and enjoyed both greatly. Congratulations to you and Rahul for another most successful KSLF in London.
    Warm regards
    ~ Raghavan, Former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan


  • It was a pleasure to join you for the KSLF. Thank you for the invitation and looking forward to engaging further with you on this.
    Best wishes
    ~ Rajat Khosla, Senior Director, Research, Advocacy and Policy (SD RAP) at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International in London


  • Many thanks for an outstanding KSLF – great choice of themes and such rich interactions, resulting in truly memorable sessions.
    ~Prabhu Guptara
    Poet and Publisher, UK


  • Beautiful festival. Woke up both days and listened from start to finish!
    ~Raza Mir, author and speaker KSLF 2022 from the US


  • I was glued to my laptop all weekend, watched every session twice and found each one scholarly, entertaining and most instructive. Loved the variety of the speakers and the programs. Also, I don’t know other Lit Fests in India but yours was serious and intellectual—unlike all the garbage that is printed in the Indian media. This weekend’s presentation of KSLF could match the best international broadcasts here. And amazingly, the technological achievement was equally praiseworthy……Your broadcast was totally clear, no hitches at all. Kudos! Thank your team please.
    ~Vibhuti Patel, formerly with Newsweek


  • I was first exposed to Khushwant’s writings when I landed in India in May 1966 as a Pre- University student at Madras Christian College. I think the first article was in Illustrated Weekly. I have liked the depth and style of his writings. He was a statesman in journalism! Then I personally met Khuswant in Delhi in the last week December 1967 when I helped form the All India Malaysia Singapore Association ( AIMSA) which Mrs Indra Gandhi inaugurated and Dr Zakir Hussein gave the closing address. He covered that event for the media. I had one other encounter with him in Bombay Airport in the late 70s. I was blown away when he spotted me in the pandemonium of the crowd lining up for an Indian Airlines departure gate. I have registered for both days. I will take certainly take in the first day.
    Thank you for alerting me on this!
    ~TV Thomas, Former, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Chairman
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