• Thank you again for including me in this excellent event.
    ~ Rachel Dwyer, Hurst Publishing, SOAS


  • It looked like a lovely festival and I’m sure you will be back with a live audience and stronger than ever next year. We’ll all be with you. Love and strength,
    ~ Imtiaz Dharker, Chancellor, Newcastle University


  • I really enjoyed the sessions at the Khushwant Singh Literary Festival “No Man is an Island”. I am keeping my fingers crossed that next year will be Kasauli. Hope both of you are doing well.
    With best wishes and kind regards,
    ~ Pheroza Godrej
    Curator and Director of Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai; President of the National Society of the Friends of the Trees


  • Congratulations on the highly successful digital KSLF in London. I’m sure Khuswant will be chuckling in the heavens. I thank Sarah for a wonderful session with me, and look forward to seeing it on NDTV. Wishing you many more successful KSLFs in the years to come.
    Much love, big hugs
    ~ Kabir Bedi, film and TV star, went from Bollywood, worked in Hollywood, and become a star in Europe with Sandokan.In 2010, the Italian Government Knighted him by anointing him Cavaliere


  • It was a sheer honour to attend KSLF and it really was amazing to interact with the great Divya Dutta. I wish all of I oh well and if you need anything please call upon me anytime.
    Best regards
    ~ Shaheen Chishti


  • Managed to watch three of the sessions – yesterday the one on 100 objects and the one on Benazir, and just now the interview with Jane Goodall. Well, as they say, there is nothing like a dame – and what an inspiring dame this wonderful lady is! Frankly, I was almost moved to tears hearing what she had to say – and also extremely heartened when I heard her say what I have been saying for many years, namely what triggered the Big Bang, and, if the Big Bang was triggered by the interaction of particles what caused that to happen etc etc etc. That is one reason for my belief that we humans have to be humble enough to recognise that we do not have all the answers and that there is an inexplicable force (which some call God) behind all this. It sounds silly to say this but it is extremely easy to love this lady – even though one doesn’t know her personally. Let’s hope and pray that the world heeds her wise words and follows her path. Thank you for organising this festival – I enjoyed the other sessions I saw, but a single session with Dame Jane alone would have been worth having the festival!
    ~Farrokh Santoke, London


  • Thank you and your team for a brilliant and enlightening litfest that did Sardar Sahib proud
    ~Bill Aitken, Author


  • I watched the Sarah Joseph interview with Kabir Bedi and found it to be most interesting and quite fascinating – so many familiar names and people one knew – a life really lived with all the up’s and downs. I knew Protima – in fact she and her sister came to my wedding reception and knew no one there so Renu kindly looked after them – small world. Looks like it’s all gone well.
    ~Gulab Janorkar, London


  • I am honoured to be part of this already iconic literary festival. I’m always here as your representative in London whenever you need my services. Looking forward to the October edition of KSLF,
    With warmest regards
    ~Bobby (Gurvinder Singh), London


  • The 100 trees that are planted in honor of Jane Goodall will provide flowers, fruits fodder and fuel to communities and living creatures, offer shelter to birds and insects, improve wildlife habitats, augment water catchment, generate oxygen, reduce carbon in the atmosphere and fight climate change for the benefit of the next generation!
    Pradip Grow-trees.com
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