• Thank you, thank you, thank you
    As ever, it was the quality of the various encounters that marks out this experience .
    Warm regards to the three of you.
    ~Ian (French) Magdera, University of Liverpool


  • Thank you so much for the invitation to the festival this year. Sadly I was ill for the first day and could not attend but the second day in itself was amazing. I am busy digesting the threads today. So much talent and information to process. I have posted some of my thoughts on Facebook already. I came away with so much pleasure at being with all of you – the audience included. So please pass my thanks on to Rahul too for all the work you have done to make this event come into being and for the opportunity of being in the audience at such a thought provoking event.
    ~ Jane Hoskins


  • I wanted to say something about the journalist who exposed the massacre. and his jail term for exposing it.. It would make a good film. Pertinent at this time. My experience of education as a child of the Raj was that all was seen through Raj eyes. And the contempt was manifest. Memsahibs mostly in control of encompassing propaganda. The festival was amazing. So glad to have got there even if very tired. So much talent and so much of interest. So again I want to thank you for introducing me.
    With warmest of wishes,
    ~Jane Hoskins


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