What a triumph. Congratulations on organising such a refreshing litfest and very many thanks for inviting me. I was amazed that on a glorious day in mid-Spring so many people attended. They were both the perfect audience and excellent company.  The programme obviously intrigued them and for that too, congratulations.

My only regret was not having had a chance to thank you in person. I was having too good a time. In fact I nearly missed my train. It was the last of the day to Edinburgh and got me home soon after midnight – a long day following the 6am start but thoroughly worthwhile.

Thank you again

and with all the very best,

John (Keay)

What a superb afternoon and evening we all had! 

I know that Barry will write separately when back from the golf course but this message from me comes from the heart: would not have missed it for all the tea in China! ( why not India?? this foreigner asks herself……).

You got a fantastic cast together and the wide range of topics was most impressive. I suppose, as a female, the first half of the performance really did it for me, you had six wonderfully talented ladies who definitely got their messages across.  “Not a nice man to know” was delivered with great gusto, my favourite!  After listening to the accounts of their experiences I am really sorry not to have met Khushwant.

You both have to be congratulated for putting “The IndoAnglian” together in such a short time – hard work but also rewarding I hope.

Thank you also for our goodie bag! Pretty silver dish for him and colourful scarf for her and the thought that somewhere in a Tiger Reserve a Weatherill tree will be planted is very exciting.

Enjoy the remaining time in London and I hope it will not be too long before we see each other again.

Lots of love


Thank you very much for a lovely afternoon. It was such a fun festival, well-organised, warm, intimate. 

Also, having missed Khushwant’s funeral (we were in Kerala then), I felt grateful for the opportunity to remember him and his generosity to me.

If you’re in London for a while, do come over for a drink. We are in 

With warmest regards,

Jaishree (Misra)


It was so nice to see you again yesterday.

We just wanted to thank you for inviting us to the ‘pop up’  festival. We were fascinated by the discussion about the empowerment of women, particularly as we are currently working with Star TV in India on the adaptation of our Empire of the Moghul novels for a TV series. We’ve been encouraged that the scripts and treatments we’ve seen so far from Star do emphasise the strong women in the stories, from the grandmother, mother and sister of the first Moghul emperor Babur to women who came later like Shah Jahan’s eldest daughter Jahanara. 

Otherwise we’re hard at work extending our Moghul series into the 18th century and the time of Robert Clive. The new book comes out in late autumn, 2018.

With very best wishes and thank you again

Diana and Michael (Alex Rutherford)

Just a quick message to say it was lovely to meet you – finally – and well done for organising a really wonderful festival, in spite of all the hiccups along the way.

If you are in town for a few days still I would love to take you out to High Tea (or something equally English like driving into the country etc)
Let me know 
Seema (Anand)

thanks for the delightfully inviting invitation to the London edition of the Khushwant Singh litfest. May the fresh springs of Himalayan Thought prove powerful enough to effect modest improvements in British life (such as Reverse Brexit.) Love from Bill, Oakless and the Beasties. 

(Bill Aitken)

Well done, Niloufer and Rahul. That`s great news indeed!

Anil  (Dharker)

Congratulations Niloufer  and Rahul for the first London Edition of KS fest. 


(Minakshi Kanwar)

Congratulations, Niloufer. All the best and have a great event.

Warm wishes

Bharathi (Pradhan)

That’s brilliant news Niloufer

We are designing a special stole with Khushwant Singh theme. 

Will send you. If u like we can make for the occasion. 

Best Regds


Congratulations on KSLF going international!

Warm Regards

(Ajay Bhatia)

I was delighted to read that this year the ‘KSLF’ is travelling to London. It is indeed a natural progression, and I have no doubt that the event will see great attendance.

I take this opportunity to wish the London Edition of your LitFest great success.
With warm regards to you both,
Maj Gen AJS Sandhu(Retd) 

Great to know about the London chapter- let me wish you luck and a grand success.

Wont be able to make it for that one… but well surely catch up with you in Kasauli.

Love n Regards

Lt Col Arjan


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